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Portalfy™ Magnetic Lashes

Portalfy™ Magnetic Lashes

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Every minute counts in our busy lives, and that's why our lashes are changing the game.

Forget about fumbling with glue or magnetic liners. Our lashes give you a professional look in seconds, saving you time and hassle every day.

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Based on 132 Reviews

Johan D. July 2024
Verified Buyer
I have read books..
I have read books with similar messages in the past, but not like this one. Joseph Nguyen has written a classic that has changed my life and given me a new energy and spirit of hope. Its simplicity and brevity invited me to see "thinking" from another perspective and focus instead on intuition and feeling. The first is a dense and lower vibration with limited possibilities; the second is a higher vibration with unlimited possibilities. I choose the latter. For me, this book shatters my previous dense framework which has been on its way out as I continue to expand my consciousness and understanding. It's no coincidence that it dovetails nicely with my study of "A Course in Miracles." I have purchased "Don't Believe Everything You Think" for my son and have recommended it to several friends, who likely will purchase copies after seeing my enthusiasm for the book. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by giving it a read. Thank you, Joseph!
Mariah S. July 2024
Verified Buyer
I am amazed
I opened this book to quickly & briefly check it out. Two minutes later I could not put it down. With pen & paper I soaked in the vivid mental pictures that this amazing book triggered in my head. I didn't move until I completed reading it. I am totally amazed how this masterpiece Changed my thinking & my thought process. For me this wonderful book is a long awaited Blessing. It's a must read.
Leyla F. July 2024
Verified Buyer
One of the best books I have read
I have read my self help and spiritual books but this book has definitely been one of the best books I have read. I haven't put it down. So much wisdom that seems simple but I am sure the majority of people don't do including myself. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for transformation. I'm already feel physically and mentally lighter just reading and applying what I learned over the last three days. I can't wait to see what's I'm store for myself with this new knowledge. Amazing book and I don't think anyone would ever regret reading this book.
Sarah L. June 2024
Verified Buyer
A must read!
Amazing book for anyone having a hard time making decisions. It has helped me let go of a lot of things and I feel much lighter and to be honest a little free of frustrating thoughts.
Jessica D. July 2024
Verified Buyer
I saw a few quotes from this book and decided to give it a shot since it seemed to be inline with the current mindset shift/ plant medicine therapy I have embarked upon. I highlighted something on almost every page and soon bought a copy for everyone close to me. What a simple read with humor yet still so insightful.If you have started to find truth in manifestation, mindset is everything, the power of the universe you will love this book.I’m about to read it again for the second time.


Joseph Nguyen is the author of the #1 international bestselling book, Don't Believe Everything You Think, which has been translated into 31+ languages.

He is a writer who helps others realize who they truly are beyond their own thinking and conditioning to live an abundant life free from psychological and emotional suffering.

When he's not busy petting his 3 cats that he's allergic to, he spends the rest of his time writing, teaching, speaking, and sharing timeless wisdom to help people discover their own divinity from within and how they are the answer they’ve been looking for their entire lives.